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Installation Instructions

APLpy requires the following packages to function correctly:

In addition, the following optional packages enhance the functionality of APLpy:


To start with, you will need a typical Scientific Python installation containing Numpy and Matplotlib. There are a number of ways to get set up with this, but if don't previously have any Python installation and just want to get set up fast, and don't have an existing Python installation, you can use the Anaconda Python distribution, which includes Numpy, Matplotlib, and Astropy. Make sure you set up your $PATH environment variable as instructed at the end of the installation process.

If you are not using the Anaconda distribution, ensure that Numpy, Matplotlib, and Astropy are installed, then install APLpy with:

pip install aplpy

If you get a ``permission denied`` error, add the --user option:

pip install aplpy --user

If you don't have pip installed, you can either first install it and proceed as shown above, or you can just download the APLpy tar file from PyPI and do:

tar xvzf APLpy-x.x.x.tar.gz
cd APLpy-x.x.x
python install

You can also install the optional dependencies with

pip install pyregion
pip install pyavm
pip install montage-wrapper

The last one will only succeed if you have already installed the Montage standalone package.


If you are using a Mac and rely on MacPorts to manage your Python installation (see here) then you should be able to do:

sudo port install py27-aplpy

(this is for Python 2.7 - adjust the Python version number as needed)


Currently, one of the features in APLpy (re-projecting a FITS file to point north) requires Montage to be installed. Montage is a set of tools developed at the Infrared Processing and Analysis Center (IPAC) to re-project and mosaic FITS files. If you do wish to use the north argument when initializing a FITSFigure instance, you will need to install Montage. Installation instructions are available on the Montage website.

If you have any questions or comments contact us here